Abide: An Advent Devotional


“Abide in me. I will abide in you.”  —Jesus in John 15

To abide is to take up residence, to move in, to dwell. The Christian life is a two-way abiding. First, Christ comes to abide with us and second, we abide in Him.  When Christ moves into our lives, he puts everything in its proper place. He comforts us in our sorrow and he corrects us in our sin.  When we move into Christ’s life, we move out of a life of anxiety, worry, greed and bitterness. When we move into Christ’s life, we move into a life of peace, hope, joy and love.  Advent season is the time in the church’s life when we remember that the world abides in anxiety, worry, greed and bitterness and that Jesus has come and will come again to bring hope, peace, joy and love.    During this advent season will you abide in his hope, peace, joy and love?  

Will you make your home in His presence? Will you stop abiding in anxiety and instead abide in peace?
 Will you stop putting your focus on worry and instead put your focus on his hope?
   Will you stop pouring your energy into bitterness and instead pour it into love?

      Will you stop placing your trust in temporary happiness and place it in eternal joy?

          Will you set aside time to focus your heart and mind on all He is?

This devotional is an invitation to do just that: To abide in Christ and to allow Him to abide in you. As we are in a time of transition at Stillmeadow, we are invited to wait and see what God is going to do in us personally and in us as a community.  In the transition we need to hear about God’s work in each generation, so we intentionally invited writers from various generations to share their hearts in this devotional with us. May we all experience Jesus' abiding presence through their encouragement. May we all be unified in His peace, energized by His hope and mobilized to carry His joy and love into the world.



  • For those that prefer a digital copy, you can download the entire devotional above or come to this page for daily entries. For those who prefer a physical copy, we have copies available at the welcome desk on the Stillmeadow Lane campus.
  • Sundays feature a devotional that can be shared at the table with the family. We believe in the power of family devotions and encourage families to take this opportunity to grow in Christ together.
  • Mondays feature the lyrics of a Christmas hymn. We encourage you to read the lyrics as a poem and then listen to several different variations of the song. Music has a way of lingering in our hearts and minds and it's a beautiful thought for us to all be carrying a song of hope, a song of love, a song of joy and a song of peace with us through the Advent weeks.  
  • Every day features a scripture reference from the lectionary*, a devotional thought and a concluding prayer. These may be used for personal or family devotions. However you choose to use this, we pray that God will speak to you and move in your life through the Advent season and beyond.

*The lectionary was referenced for the scriptures, however due to a bit of human error, you will find a few of the texts repeated.

Josh Kleinfeld