SCRIPTURE: Luke 2:8-20

Last Sunday, when we lit the hope candle, we talked about our need for rescue. We talked about the way that our sin has broken our relationship with God and about the hopeful promise that God would send us a Savior, so that things might be made right. We talked about the waiting, the longing, the abiding in that promise.

This Sunday, as we light the candle of love, we remember a God whose love has remained faithful and steadfast, even when we have not. We remember a God who loved deeply and longed for closeness with us, so much so that He took on human form to be with us, to dwell with us, to rescue us.

After hundreds of years of waiting, the long awaited hope had finally come. God, who could do anything or be anything at all, chose to come to us in human form. God chose to be like us. In a small, little stable with baa-ing sheep and spitting camels, our Rescuer had finally come. And so Mary called Him, “Emmanuel” which means “God With Us,” because God was indeed with us!

Read Luke 2:8-20 together today and as you do so, remember that God came for us. Remember that God was not content for His love to reside in the heavens, but wanted His love to be made known among us. Remember that we get to continue making God’s love known, when we allow Him to transform our hearts and our lives. We get to help continue this Christmas gift of God’s love in the world, when we submit to God’s will in our own lives.

We come to this second Sunday of Advent to give love and to receive love without condition. To abide in the love of
God as we light this candle. We remember the love that came in Christ, the love that continually comes in God’s
presence among us and the love of all loves that is still yet to come.

What is love?
What makes you feel loved?
How do you show love to others?
How do we know that God loves us?
How is God’s love different than the world’s love?
How can we do a better job of remembering that Christmas is about God loving us so deeply that He sent Jesus to rescue us?
Is there someone you know who needs to hear words of love? Make a card (and/or some cookies) for that person and deliver it
this week.

Josh Kleinfeld