TUESDAY: JOY by Nathan Hurlbert

SCRIPTURE: Zechariah 2:1-13

Joy. The word itself brings a smile to your face. When I hear the word joy my first thought is of children sitting around the tree on Christmas morning, gleefully tearing open presents, their laughter filling the room. Joy unbridled is something we as adults find elusive. With children this is not so, as evidenced by the above-mentioned holiday enthusiasm, as well as seemingly other small experiences kids have throughout their daily lives. The world is full of wild wonder, and watching them light up brings a spark of joy to our hearts.

In a very real sense this is a picture of how we ought to be in our walk with Christ. It’s no coincidence that Jesus proclaimed we need faith like a child. In Zechariah 2:10 God speaks to the people of Israel, saying “Sing and rejoice...for behold I am coming and I will dwell in your midst.” This expectation and hope brings joy to the hearts of those who hear it.

Joy is such a small word with mountainous meaning. In this case, longing for their God to come to them, the people of Israel hear that He will come, one day, and walk and talk with them, in their midst. Longing leads to expectancy, expectancy to hope, hope to joy in what is to come. As we prepare ourselves this Advent season, let us be a people of profound joy. Joy in the work set before us. Joy in the Savior who came to save us. Joy in the Lord who will come again and walk with us. May our hearts be as children, ready and expectant in the joy of Jesus, for he delights in us. After all, that is why He came.


God, let us learn lessons of joy from the children in our lives.
Give us moments where the fog of ‘grown up’ seriousness lifts and we can be overwhelmed
with wonder and the gift of Your joy.

Josh Kleinfeld