TUESDAY: "HOPE" by Nathan Hurlbert

SCRIPTURE: 2 Peter 2:12-21

The late singer Tom Petty has a song called ‘The Waiting’. In it, he describes the feelings of love and the time it takes to blossom into something deeper. The line in the chorus sums it up: “You take it on faith you take it to the heart, the waiting is the hardest part.

When Jesus arrived on earth, he came vulnerable, humble, and physically weak. Purposely submitting himself to the limitations of humanity. In this moment of divine conception, Jesus invaded the globe and brought with Him a seed of hope. That hope was threatened from the first moment. From Joseph’s question of Mary’s pregnancy to Herod’s terrible actions against newborn boys. This inauspicious beginning to the greatest story of history fills us with
wonder, amazement, and thankfulness. It’s a story born, literally, from hopeful anticipation, starting with the moment of our first parents in the garden.

Peter beautifully speaks about this in today’s reading, talking about the prophetic word of Christ. Brought to fruition, he confirms that he and his fellow disciples did not follow some “cunningly devised fable”, but were eyewitnesses to His Majesty. He goes on further to say that the prophetic word about Christ has been confirmed, and that we should heed it “as a light that shines in a dark place.” We do live in a dark place, but there was hope from the very start, and many took it on faith, that something better was coming. For them, their waiting was the hardest part: let us reflect in this season on the richness and fullness of the hope that Jesus’ birth has brought.

Lord, teach us how to wait in Your presence.
Remind us of all of the good work You’ve done in seasons of waiting
and fill our hearts with contagious hope for all of the good work You will continue to do.

Josh Kleinfeld