Your Voice Matters (Fasting and Surveys)


As our District Superintendent, Dr. David Bowser, has outlined for us, we are now in the process of a pastoral transition. As a church community, we desire to seek God's face first, and this is why I have the opportunity to write to you on behalf of the pastoral staff & church board leadership.

Your Voice Matters In Prayer

As a church community, in order to make decisions that honor God, we must know Him more... the pastoral staff & church board has committed to a united time of prayer & fasting, each Monday for the next three months. Our District Superintendent (DS), Dr. Bowser reminded us in a recent meeting of Joshua 3. In verse 5, "Joshua told the people, "Make yourselves holy, because tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you." We believe that God IS able to do amazing things. We also believe that He has called us to be set apart. This church is His -- We are asking you to join us in this time of prayer & fasting. If you are unable to fast from food, choose something else to fast for those Monday hours.

Your Voice Matters In The Transition Process

Beginning on July 23rd and continuing through August 6th, a congregational survey will be available in electronic and paper formats. 

Please note the following:

1) The survey is to assist the church board and DS in developing a profile for a lead pastor.

2) Everyone’s input is valued! Surveys are anonymous and should be completed only once.

3) We are hoping to receive at least 500 responses (so please help us spread the word!).

If you would like to participate in the survey here are two ways you can:

1) Grab one from the church

2) Have one emailed to you

Young Voices Matter Too!

We would like children to participate as well. Our children's ministry will be providing the surveys to the children and their families. We encourage parents to assist their children in completing the survey at home.

Results of the Survey

The church board will compile the surveys and then the District Superintendent will review the results as we work through the steps of the Pastoral Search Process.

Thank you for your commitment to follow Jesus!

With Gratitude,

Chastity Frederick, Church Board Secretary

Stillmeadow Church of the Nazarene

Josh Kleinfeld