Pastoral Staff Interim Responsibilities and Oversight

Below is a list of those responsibilities and the Pastor that is now giving input and oversight into that area.  This should help anyone determine which pastor to contact for your specific need.  These responsibilities are in addition to the “regular” areas that we serve in (Josh - Family, John - Worship, Kent - Admin/Urban).


    ▪    Small Groups - Josh

    ▪    Compassion/Mission - Kent

    ▪    Recreation - Josh and John

    ▪    Adult Ministries - John

    ▪    Outreach - John

    ▪    Pastoral Care - Steve

    ▪    Preaching- Interim Pastor

    ▪    Funerals - Pastor’s John, Josh, and Kent

    ▪    FIN Funds--Pastor Kent

    ▪    Emergency Calls on weekends and off hours - Pastor Kent

John Farley