Harvest Prayer

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Erin Meier - Papua New Guinea

1.    Currently on Home Assignment for 4 months. Pray for safe travels, for refreshing and renewing of God’s call on my life, and for opportunities to share God’s work in Papua New Guinea.

2.   For the leadership at Nazarene Hospital - for wisdom in personnel decisions, for communication between government and leadership, and for God’s leading in what is in store for us tomorrow.

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Rolf and Debbie Kleinfeld - Cambodia

1.   Currently on a 12 week break from ministry & need prayers that this time of rest is productive

2.   We need someone to step in and be the Treasurer for the District, asap, especially since we have left for this break 

3.   Our health – we have both been struggling with illnesses since this Fall

4.   Development of translation team!

5.   Nazarene Compassionate Ministry Development

a.    Human Traffic victims in Cambodia & SE Asia

b.    Clean water initiatives

c.     Bikes for students to go to school

d.    Mosquito nets for those in need

e.    Food sustainability Project

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Jonathan Phillips - Romania

1.   Pray for Romanians who are answering God's call to ministry, and for those working towards the completion of ordination requirements.

2.   Please pray for me as I oversee literature translation and theological education, and assist with mission finances.

3.   There is always more work to be done than can be accomplished in a 24-hour day. Pray that I'll find a healthy balance to be most effective in ministry.

4.   This week (April 30-May 3), 4 Romanian ministry students will be taking the course "Language and Written Expression," which is designed to help them improve their writing skills. Pray for the American missionary (who serves in Bulgaria) who will teach the course, for the Romanian who is teaching the parts relating specifically to the Romanian language, and for the students. 

5.   Pray that I can find a teacher for the course that must be offered this summer (Foundations for Biblical Studies). The teacher who has been on the calendar for almost a year just cancelled unexpectedly a few weeks ago, and I'm having trouble finding a replacement on such short notice. (If we don't offer this course this summer, 2 students won't graduate with EuNC's Certificate in Spiritual Formation this fall, and the ordination for 5 students will be delayed.)

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Ron Grey - East Jamaica

1.   Requests prayer for his struggle with Sciatica in his left leg. 

2.   Also, a father-in-law of one of his young lay leaders was killed when a tractorfell on him. Please pray for this lay leader, Kevin, and his mother - who are grief stricken right now.” 


Jerry and Toni Porter

1. Our prayer requests are for safe travel in the country as we connect with other workers.

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