For the months of September and October, let’s join together as Stillmeadow to pray daily for God to do amazing things among us. The 9 points below are only a guide. Let God direct your heart to go beyond the list as well!

  1. …for strength for yourself and your family to imitate and live under the loving guidance of Jesus.

Insert the names of your family members here:

        2 …for the needs of our neighbors. Start with your neighborhood and continue with the neighborhoods around our two campuses.

Insert the names and needs of your neighbors here:

        3…for freedom and life for those inside and outside the church who are asleep and dead in their sin.

 Insert names of those you know who need freedom and life in Christ.

        4 …for the people of Stillmeadow to be unified, energized and mobilized with welcoming hearts and habits.

Insert names of those you serve with or are in small group with…

        5…for Stillmeadow’s local mission efforts (Extreme Express, The Table, Fresh Blessings)

        6…for Stillmeadow’s global mission partnerships (Jonathan Philipps in Romania, churches in East Jamaica, Rolf and Debbie Kleinfeld in Cambodia)

        7…for the City Campus Commission as they seek God’s wisdom and direction for the future of our ministry at the city campus.

        8…for the Discipleship Commission as they lay out a plan for guiding people in discipleship to Christ from the cradle to the grave.

        9…for the Stewardship Commission as they strategize on how to encourage generosity within our community and faithfully steward the gifts of our community.