Voyage In Christ:From Death to Life-Psalm 1, IJohn 5:9-13-May 13, 2018


Reflection Questions for Individual or Group Study:

1.     What about the message really spoke to you that you want to keep on thinking about during this week?

2.     Read Psalm 1. What is the difference between the habits of a wicked person and a righteous person?

3.     Read 1 John 5:9-13. What is John trying to assure his readers of?

4.     Think about the habits of a righteous person from Psalm 1. How would those habits help develop and strengthen the assurance that John is writing about in 1 John 5:9-13?

5.     What is one way that you pay attention to the testimony of the Holy Spirit in your own life?

6.     Now, take a couple moments to consider the difference God has made or can make in your life. Finish the following three statements:

a.     Because of His love, I ________

b.     Because of His grace, I __________

c.      Because of His power, I ___________

7.     Is there a particular person in your own life who you think needs to be reminded of or told about the difference that God’s love, grace and presence can make? Pray for a way to share what you wrote about.

8.     How do you feel led to pray?

Voyager Study Challenge:

Choose a time and place to be quiet for 15 minutes.

Start by listing three things for which you are thankful.

Invite Christ to speak to you through the reading of the scripture.

As you read the scripture passage ask these three questions:

1.     What does this chapter have to say about truth?

2.     What does this chapter have to say about the Holy Spirit?

3.     Who is God asking you to share the truth with today?


Finish in prayer for yourself, your family, your neighbors, your co-workers, your church.


Karon Kagan