Voyage In Christ-From Being Held Back To Being Sent



Reflection Questions for Individual or Group Study:

1. What struck you about this message?

2. Read Isaiah 6:1-8. What do you see about God here?

3. Isaiah’s world was facing instability. What are some ways that our world is facing instability?

4. How does worship of God alone help us stand against the instability?

5. Isaiah needed to be purified of unclean lips. Unclean lips were a way of describing a life not fully dedicated to God. Why do we need to be purified?

6. God calls out and says “Whom shall I send?” Why do you think God works through humans to live out His work and restoration?

7. Compare Isaiah and Jesus. How did both respond to God’s call?

8. How do you feel led to respond to God through this? Commit that to prayer.

As we enter this new season at Stillmeadow, we invite you to join the Voyager Prayer Crew through individual reading and prayer times.  Setting aside time to pray and read through scripture as a community is a powerful way of experiencing God’s unity.



· Choose a time & place to be quiet for 10-15 minutes.

· Start by listing three things for which you are thankful.

· Invite Christ to speak to you through the reading.

· As you read the scripture passage ask these three questions:


Reflection Questions for the daily readings.

1. What does this scripture say about how God speaks to and calls humans?

2. What do you learn about God’s power in this passage?

How should you respond to God from this reading?


Daily Reading Plan

Monday: Isaiah 6:1-8

Tuesday: Psalm 29

Wednesday: Romans 8:12-17

Thursday: 1 Peter 2:4-10