Just Discipleship Part 4 -Overcome the Rage


Scripture: Luke 4:21-30

Theme: Just Discipleship is for everybody, but not everybody will choose it because it is so pro-freedom and forgiveness that it has no space for racism or vengeance. Just Discipleship does not fear the rage of the crowd because it seeks to please God’s heart rather than appease the crowd.

1.  What stuck out to you about this message?

2. What are some of the differences and commonalities between why people reject Christianity and why the people of Nazareth rejected Jesus?

3.Read Luke 4:21-30. How is Jesus’ mission guided by freedom and forgiveness?

4. What do racism and vengeance have in common? Why do neither have a place in the person of Jesus or the people who follow him?

5. Here are five steps to becoming like Jesus in just discipleship. Of these five steps which do you struggle with the most?

1. Focus on Jesus

2. Humble Yourself

3. Love and Forgive Everybody

4. Don’t Fear the Crowd

5. Don’t be Anxious About What To Say

6. What do you sense God leading you to do based off these reflections?

7. How can you pray?

  Just Discipleship Study Challenge:

These instructions can also be found at stillnaz.com/sermon-blog.

Choose a time and place to be quiet for 10 minutes.

First, be silent in prayer for 1 minute.

Second, thank God for 2 specific things.

Third, invite Christ to speak to you through the reading of the passage by asking these 3 questions.

 As you read the passage, ask these three questions:

 What does Jesus model and teach about leadership?

How do people misunderstand Jesus?

How can I pray based off these insights?


Finish in prayer for yourself, your family, your neighbors, your co-workers, your church.


Week 4 (February 3)

Monday: Luke 9:28-50

Tuesday: Luke 9:51-62

Wednesday: Luke 10:1-42

Thursday: Luke 11:1-28

Friday: Luke 11:29-54


As Jesus faced what he knew would be his death for the sake of others, may I have the same self-sacrificial spirit so that others may have life through my generosity.