Trunk or Treat 2019

October 26, 2-4PM

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Trunk or Treat!! We really enjoy this event every year! It's a great time to fellowship with our neighbors! Sign up below if you're interested in helping out.

Instructions for the Trunk Team!

Trunk or Treat Team!

As you put together the final details for your own trunk, remember these three essentials…

1.    Pray through the day.

2.    Show up by 1:00 to be set up by 1:25 so we can pray together at 1:30 and be ready to welcome peeps at 2:00.

3.    Last minute questions? Call Chris Fuller at 1-916-223-3571 or Rachel Zeigler at 717-801-5132.

See you soon!

Read below for more logistical details!

If somebody asks you why we’re doing this, you can tell them this. We welcome others, because we believe that’s what Jesus has done for us!

Here are 9 logistical things to know:

1.   Opening Prayer for workers and trunkers at 1:30 at the kids welcome center.

2.   Please be set up by 1:30 so that we can have the cars lined up before the kids arrive. You can arrive as early as 12:30 to set up!

3.   When you arrive with your car check with parking advisor on where to park.

4.   The event is Rain or Shine!

5.   If you are coming without candy, please check in at the front and we’ll make sure you have candy!

6.   If you run out of candy at any point in the night, we will give you a flag to put on your vehicle so our candy runners will bring  you some extra!

7.   Closing Prize Session at 4:15 in the lobby. (Prize for Most Creative, Best Costume and Best Theme).

8.   Event Parking will be in the upper parking lot (new for this year)

9.   Bathrooms will be available in the kids hallway.

Here are 7 things to remember as we work together!

1.   Be prayerful in all you do!

2.   Remember you represent Jesus in how you interact with the kids and adults as they come through. So…no scary or inappropriate costumes.

3.   Meet your “neighbor trunks.”

4.   Smile a ton.

5.   Compliment each costume. “How creative!” “Whoa, that’s awesome!” “Did you make that yourself?” “That is beautiful!” are some examples of things you can say.

6.   Welcome kids of all ages and dress, including teens and those kids who may be dressed in scary costumes.  This is an outreach event!

7.   If you’re in costume, let children approach you. Do not approach them.  Some children are afraid of people who are dressed up.

Thanks again for your service and kindness and generosity.  Jesus is shining through your service already!

Grace and Peace,

Chris Fuller, Youth & Young Adult Minister and Pastor Rachel Zeigler

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