Welcome Wednesday Update

Dear Stillmeadow Family,


It takes all of us working together to be the body of Christ serving at the corner of Stillmeadow Lane or in the City on Chestnut Street, in the community of York County, across the State of PA, and out into the world continuing Jesus Mission together. So...

  • Thank you for giving, going or participating in: the East Jamaica partnership, Romania, Cambodia, the 30 hour famine or given to support missionaries around the world.

  • Thank you if you have ever served the hurting Nationally and internationally through Disaster response via Samaritan’s Purse (including our team that just returned from serving in North Carolina), Fawn Grove Compassionate Ministry Center, through Crisis Care kits, School Pal packs, or packing clothes, toys, etc. to be shipped to the greatest need.

  • Thank you if you have ever served locally in our community by participating in or giving to The Extreme bus ministry, The Table ministry, Fresh Blessings, Mission Week, nursing home ministries, or care for the shut-ins of our church.

  • Thank you if you have ever been involved in caring for our community through any of our partnerships with: LifePath Christian Ministries (formally the Rescue Mission), Human Life Services, New Life for Girls or Habitat for Humanity.

  • Thank you if you have ever helped with a project around the church, volunteered to help with setup and teardown, served on our facilities staff.

  • Thank you if you have ever served as a member of our stewardship committee, ever served as a money counter, and if you have given generously in support of the ministries of Stillmeadow over the years.

If you'd like to join in any of the above ministries, you can sign up here: www.stillnaz.com/leadership.


As Christmas approaches, we have a couple ways we'll be celebrating as a family. First, on December 2 at 11AM, Children's Ministries is hosting the Advent Experience. Second, on December 9 at 9:30, we'll have a collaborative Christmas Musical with children and worship ministries. Third, we'll have two Christmas Eve worship services, 4:00 at our Chestnut Street Campus and 6:00 at our Stillmeadow Lane Campus. Fourth, we have our Christmas Blessing Trees that began November 18 and will end on December 9 with gifts to be distributed on December 23. Watch for a flier with all this information soon!


To conclude the incredible worship service (including an awesome message from Pastor John) and our series on the Psalms, we ended with our "Call to Worship" remembering that "Worship Is Life, and We Can Trust Him!" Here is the "Call to Worship." Let us let it guide our lives this week.

Welcome friends! 

Here we are – the family of God. 

Some filled with joy, others filled with sorrow.

Some carrying doubt, others full of faith.

Some confident, others anxious.

All who have hurt others, or been hurt.

All who have sinned or been sinned against.

Welcome Friends

Here God Is—the Triune God who loves us all regardless of age, race or gender. 

The Father who corrects us in our sin. 

The Spirit who comforts us in our brokenness. 

The Son who challenges us and equips us to bring His love to a world in need.

Welcome friends!

We’re here to pray to this Triune God, to worship Him in his awesomeness and to listen to His instruction through His Word. We’ve come to remember that He sets the mission for our lives and that His story is the best story and His strength will help us overcome.

Let us now unite our hearts and minds in song, in prayer and in listening to the message. Let us receive the gift God has for us today.



This week's bulletin: Click Here



Grace and Peace,

Josh Kleinfeld

Lead Pastor

Stillmeadow Church of the Nazarene