Welcome Wednesday Update


Dear Stillmeadow Family,

 What was Job's response to God's amazing presence? It was to confess and repent and then to pray for his friends. Let's follow his example and join Jesus in praying over the Amazing Things Prayer List: www.stillnaz.com/prayerchallenge/prayerchallenge 


Saturday's Trunk or Treat on our Stillmeadow Lane Campus was fantabulous (even with the rain!). Thanks to ALL of you who helped with Table decorations or directing traffic or greeting! God's gracious hospitality was on full display in YOU! And cool story, we're not done trunking. Tonight, October 31 (6-8PM) we'll be doing it on our Chestnut Street Campus. Be in prayer or even come and join us if you'd like! 


It's true. It takes every person contributing their spiritual, emotional and physical resources to continue Jesus' mission. So, thanks to all of you who volunteer in some capacity within the ministries of Stillmeadow. Let's get all of you together on November 11 from 4:30-6:30 for a Volunteer Celebration Potluck. I'll be bringing gingersnaps, what will you bring? Sign up for a food dish here: www.PerfectPotluck.com/MUYX3208

 Please RSVP to karon.kagan@stillnaz.com.


Each week, when we gather and you give in the offering plate or online or through text to give, you are joining with us in continuing Jesus' mission. Thank you for setting aside 10% for tithes and giving above and beyond that in other circumstances! It is a joy to watch how God uses our collaborative giving to fund his mission through Stillmeadow and around the world. Because of your faithful giving we're able to support awesome outreach events like Trunk or Treat and we're able to fund ministries like The Table and our Extreme Express Bus Ministry. www.stillnaz.com/give


We just concluded our 4 part series on Job and Jesus. If you'd like to review or you missed a few, you can check out the series on our YouTube channel. As you go this week, here is the blessing from Sunday: 

You are glory-filled dust and ashes with a sacred purpose. May we be people who daily recognize our limits and rely on His limitlessness. May we be people who don’t just know “about Him” but have “seen him” so that we can be transformed by Him in order to serve Him and others with his grace, truth, love and righteousness. Go in his glory-filled peace.


This week's bulletin: Click Here