Welcome Wednesday Update

Dear Dear Stillmeadow brothers and sisters,

 That is what we are. Brothers and sisters in Christ. We have been made family with the best Dad in the universe! At the heart of the universe is his loving acceptance, his gracious promise. Too often it is easy to slip into the worlds mental mode of belief: operating as if the heart of reality is hateful competition, anxious hopelessness. But know how we fight against that? We stand Tall in Prayer! Keep praying my friends: www.stillnaz.com/prayer

 NOMA (No One Matures Alone)

Another bad belief of the world is the idea that we can mature in Christ on our own! But we at Stillmeadow know that growth happens best in the context of relationships. This is why we have small groups. And we have some new groups, including a new Tuesday night women's group starting in October and a Sunday morning 11AM class on leadership led by Pastor Ray Stark. Check out www.stillnaz.com/discipleship/ to find groups to connect with!


1. Praying for and preparing for Jonathan Phillips’ October 7th visit. He is a missionary serving in Romania and will join us in both of our services (9:30 at Stillmeadow Lane, 11:00 at Chestnut Street). You can support his work by eating lunch with him at West York Hoss’ that afternoon! We’ll also be taking a special offering that day. Check out what’s happening in Romania here: http://romanianazarene.blogspot.com/2018/09/video-church-of-nazarene-in-romania.html
2. Bringing in an alabaster offering this Sunday Sept 30. Alabaster Offering provides funds for the purchase of land and construction of churches, schools, medical facilities and homes for missionaries.


There are two ways to find out! First, you could come to "Pizza with the Pastors" on Oct 7 at 12:30 on our Stillmeadow Lane Campus. There we'll give you an introduction to Stillmeadow and ways you can become involved. For a more in-depth look at Nazarene beliefs and an opportunity to become a member at Stillmeadow, you can participate in our 6 week membership class on Sunday nights beginning Oct 14 at 5:30pm. If you're interested in pizza sign up here: www.stillnaz.com/pizza. If you're interested in the class, sign up at stillnaz.com/welcomehomeclass or by emailing kkagan@stillnaz.com.


Did you know that Trunk or Treat is coming up? October 27 we'll be doing it on our Stillmeadow Lane campus (2-4PM) and on October 31 (6-8PM) we'll be doing it on our Chestnut Street Campus. This is an incredible way to work together as a family of God to welcome our neighbors and their families. You can sign up to help with the Stillmeadow Lane Campus here: www.stillnaz.com/trunkvolunteers2018/. If you'd like to help with our City Campus event, email pastorkent@stillnaz.com.  


May you remember that "He gives us more grace" for whatever situation you face. May you stay strong and avoid the trap of double-mindedness, by fully submitting every thought, feeling, word and action to that most incredible grace.


This week's bulletin: Click Here