On Sunday, Feb 18, Pastor Josh had the happy privilege of accepting the vote of the church to become Stillmeadow's next lead pastor. You can see his acceptance/grateful video here: https://youtu.be/M76eTIg1KVU. (Yeah, he does get a little like the "Golden Globe" award speeches with his thanks, but there's so many people to thank, including you!)

What does this mean for youth ministries at Stillmeadow?

  1. Our commitment to youth ministry will remain.
    • We remain committed to providing the best opportunities for youth to experience and grow in Christ's love and character. We have an incredible team of youth workers who have already been walking with our youth and are committed to continuing this journey! Each area of ministry (STU, Remix, Events, etc) will have designated youth leaders who will work with me and Patsy Moses to execute the duties there.
  2. A search will begin.
    • One of the first priorities for our church leadership will be to find someone who can help continue the mission of youth ministry here at Stillmeadow. This process will take time, but good things are worth the waiting! 
  3. We will have a point person for communication about youth ministry.
    • For questions about youth ministry, you can reach Patsy Moses at pmoses@stillnaz.com or 717-764-4888.
  4. February 27 will be my last Remix as youth pastor.
    • I will continue to be involved, but as a support, not as the leader of the ministry. One really neat aspect of all this is that my eldest daughter will be joining youth ministry in June, so I will have the opportunity to join you all as a parent in the ministry.
  5. You can join in by praying and serving.
    • Check out the video above for things to pray for! (Self, Stillnaz, World, Stillnaz Leadership)
    • This is an opportunity for parents to step up to join the youth ministry team. If you're interested, go ahead and share your info here: www.stillnaz.com/parentsconnect. 



Lenten Devotional

The lenten season is a good season for families to focus their hearts together on Jesus' journey to the cross and to remember that in this world that offers so much that Jesus' love and grace are enough. We encourage you as a family to read the scriptures from the Lenten Devotional (soon to be available at www.stillnaz.com/lenten-devotional  and at the welcome desk on Sunday morning) as you gather for meals or on your way to sports practice.

Good Friday Seder Experience is March 30 at 6:30

This event is designed for families to come and enjoy the Passover/Seder experience that Jesus had with his disciples in His last days. The Seder has been happening since the days of Moses.  It is the origin of the Communion feast.  Come and relive the Passover and see how Jesus has been celebrated from the days of captivity in Egypt until now.

Easter Sunday Worship at 9 and 10:45

We will have two worship services to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord! Children's Ministries will be available in the 9:00 service. We will not have STU that Sunday.


LifePath Christian Ministries is sharpening their focus in service and is eliminating the 8PM meal while keeping the other three meals they offer. This means that we have the opportunity to pray for and dream up another way to serve regularly. So, next Friday, let's meet at the church at 7:30PM and head over to Julie Calendar's house for a time of dreaming and then partying. We'll return at 10:30PM.


We'll gather youth together for our second ever mission week breakfast club. We will meet in the MPR this time! If your child is planning on being a part of this event but hasn't turned in their forms, they need to do so before this breakfast and they need to attend the breakfast too. Parents, you can sign up to bring breakfast items here: https://perfectpotluck.com/meals.php?t=DEUW7172

SENIOR LUNCH #2: MARCH 11 (Postponed until April 8)

We'll gather soon to be graduates at the Kleinfeld house for conversation about life after high school!  Because of the Installation Service on March 11, we'll need to postpone. The next lunches will be April 8, May 6. And we'll have a church wide graduation party on Sunday May 27!


For those 8-12 graders that qualified or want to go along as spectators, Patsy Moses has sent out details about registration. If you haven't received that info, please contact pmoses@stillnaz.com. 


On Sunday March 25, Family Ministries and Adult Discipleship Ministries will be partnering to bring kids small groups together with adult small groups during the 11AM small group hour. The youth will be joining the Parents Connect Class for some games, a brief lesson and a time of blessing/prayer!

SUMMER CAMP 2018: JULY 23-27

An amazing week for anyone who will have just completed 6th-12th grades. There’s swimming, zipline, sports tournaments, horseback riding, late-night fun stuff, MOOSE games (trust us, it’s awesome!), lots of friends, amazing music, great messages, and that’s just the start. Grow closer to Christ, make new friends, build deeper friendships, and begin to grasp a bigger vision for how God views you and your world. Teen camp is awesome! $255 by May 21, $270 by June 18, $285 by July 6. Register here: www.madnyi.com/teen-camp!



Our Parents Connect Group is doing a series for January and February that is a critical conversation for parents in today’s hypersexualized culture. We hope you can join us. Sign up here: www.stillnaz.com/parentsconnect or show up on Sunday! Connect with our parent connectors Burdette and Nedra Lahr: burdette@newbeginningstherapy.org & nedra1221@gmail.com


Beginning on February 18, our high school STU class will be studying the life of Jesus, focusing particularly on what we can learn from his final weeks leading up to his crucifixion and resurrection.  This is essential stuff for any teenager wanting to take Jesus seriously.


For the month of March, our middle school students will be exploring how God has given them gifts to use to bless the world.

You can check out the series on LifeChurch Open Network: Potentials: How to develop your Passion



For our Remix series in January-March, we will be taking Paul's instructions on love in 1 Corinthians 13 and breaking it down week by week. So, we'll look at what it means to follow Christ and love others through patience, through not being rude, through humility, etc. In a world full of hatred and indifference and fear, it takes courage and faith to live out the agape love of Christ and we want to equip our youth to do just that.

Fuego Challenge

Our weekly Fuego Challenges line up with our Remix message series. Each challenge features a scripture to read and a question to reflect on or an action to take in light of that scripture. 

It takes action to grow in Christ.

Read the word. Take the challenge.

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Our fundraisers help teens participate in our ministry activities. But if there is ever a greater need, please contact Pastor Josh and we will work with you.

Pretzel sandwich sales

Current Sale: Pretzel Orders Due: April 8, Pretzel Assembly: April 19. This will be our last one until Fall. Download form HERE



Our weekly update (2.09.2018)

We welcome your presence

The youth ministry maintains an “open door” policy toward parents. You are welcome to visit one of our programs at any time. We want you to see for yourself what your student is experiencing week to week. You can take a closer look at our events and various classes by downloading our current Parent Guide HERE.

We value your input

Feel free to share your input, concerns, questions, comments, and observations with our staff. We want to partner with you in any way we can.

We encourage your involvement

We are ALWAYS on the lookout for parents who have a special place in their heart for teens and are open to joining our volunteer team. Our volunteers help run events, lead small groups, organize ministry opportunities, and more. If you would like to be involved on a regular basis, we’d love to talk to you personally! 

We need your stuff

This doesn’t happen often, but occasionally we need to borrow something that we simply can’t provide on our own. Camping gear, sports equipment, mini vans, vacation homes and the like are items that you may be willing to loan out on occasion to help us in a pinch.

Questions or interest?


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quick glance youth ministry calendar

Any questions about these? Check the youth ministry parent guide!
February 14         Ash Wednesday Service
March 2                LifePath
March 4                Mission Week Breakfast Club
March 11              Senior Lunch at the Kleinfeld’s
March 15-18        Field FOL
March 24              Easter Surprise
March 30              Good Friday Service
April 1                   Easter (Worship at 9 and 10:45)
April 7                   NYI Convention
April 24                 Dodgeball Tourney
May 1                    5th Grade Preview Night at Remix
May 5                    Mulch Day
May 18-20           Excursion
May 23                  Grad Night at Remix
May 27                  Graduation Sunday
June 3                  Move Up Sunday
June 5                  Remix Family Summer Kickoff
June 10-14           VBS
June 25-30           Mission Week
July 23-27           Teen Summer Camp
Aug 6-10              Pre-Teen Summer Camp
Sept 21-23           Fall Retreat