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October 28 : TRUNK OR TREAT - 

Every year we welcome tons of kids and their families with this fun event. Families work together to make creative trunks and hand out candy to neighbors! If you are interested in helping to make this event a funtastic success, click below!


Nov 17-18 : 30 HOUR FAMINE

Our students go without food to raise funds for food for kids around the world! We have all the forms and important information together for you HERE


Dec 1-3 : YES - 

A district event designed for juniors and seniors who are searching out their calling.





Our fundraisers help teens participate in our ministry activities. But if there is ever a greater need, please contact Pastor Josh and we will work with you.

Pretzel sandwich sales

Current Sale: Downloadable form here. November 19, Pretzel Assembly: November 30

Pretzel Orders Due: January 7, Pretzel Assembly: January 18

Pretzel Orders Due: February 11, Pretzel Assembly: February 22

Pretzel Orders Due: April 8, Pretzel Assembly: April 19


Our weekly update (10.13.2017)

We welcome your presence

The youth ministry maintains an “open door” policy toward parents. You are welcome to visit one of our programs at any time. We want you to see for yourself what your student is experiencing week to week. You can take a closer look at our events and various classes by downloading our current Parent Guide HERE.

We value your input

Feel free to share your input, concerns, questions, comments, and observations with our staff. We want to partner with you in any way we can.

We encourage your involvement

We are ALWAYS on the lookout for parents who have a special place in their heart for teens and are open to joining our volunteer team. Our volunteers help run events, lead small groups, organize ministry opportunities, and more. If you would like to be involved on a regular basis, we’d love to talk to you personally! 

We need your stuff

This doesn’t happen often, but occasionally we need to borrow something that we simply can’t provide on our own. Camping gear, sports equipment, mini vans, vacation homes and the like are items that you may be willing to loan out on occasion to help us in a pinch.

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