Sunday, August 25, 2019

Have you been baptized?  If not, then you can use the form below to sign up for Baptism Sunday!  We are going to baptize as many believers as we can that Sunday morning.  If you sign-up here are some things you can do to prepare:

1. Wear dark clothing that is not "see-thru" when it gets wet.

2. Bring a towel (or 2) and a change of clothing for after the baptism. Since it is the winter, it may also be wise to pack a hair dryer for longer hair.

3. Be prepared to answer the following simple questions about your salvation?

  • Do you believe that Jesus' death on the cross cleans you from your past sins and saves you for eternal life with Him?

  • Do you intend to rely on God to give up sin?

  • Will you obey Jesus every day with God's help and show his love with your life?

4. Come to the class on August 11th for baptismal candidates that will take place during the 11AM Small Group Hour. Rachel Zeigler will be teaching the children's class; Pastor John Farley and Chris Fuller will be teaching the class for teens and adults. Pastor Kent Vandervort will teach a class for those being baptized from our York City Campus August 18th at 9:30AM.

5. Invite family and friends to come and be a part of the celebration on August 25th!

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Is there any other information you would like the staff to know (Physical Limitations, Fear of Water, etc.)?