Church is more than just a building.

It is a community of believers, united in the love of Christ. When Christians gather, it is a time to give praise to God through our worship and it is a time to strengthen and grow our understanding of our faith.

Stillmeadow Lane Worship Experiences


8:00 AM

Our Traditional Service offers familiar arrangements of hymns, spiritual songs, and specials presented by our choir and other talented individuals. It is a service that allows the greatness of God to overflow in a reflective setting.

9:15 AM

Our Blended Service is a worship setting with a band-driven model and modern-day arrangements of hymns and spiritual songs from yesterday’s and today’s generation. This service will lead you to minister to God.

11:00 AM

The Contemporary Service provides an atmosphere using a band-driven model with arrangements of songs that will lead you to minister to God. This service uses different creative elements to convey God’s Word.


What to Expect

What do I wear? Be comfortable and tasteful. Jeans and a T-shirt are as acceptable as a suit or a dress.

Where do my kids go? We have the perfect place for your children 6 weeks old through fifth grade during the 9:15 and 11am worship times. Your middle and high schoolers can join you for one of the worship services and attend a Stillmeadow Teen University during the 9:15 hour.

Where should I sit? Find a place where you’re comfortable. 

What's the music like? Whoever you are, you’ll find music that resonates with your heart and draws you into worship.

Worship Resources

  • - Youversion is a great app for Bible reading.  You can set up yearly plans or shorter topical plans.  You can set up daily reminders to read your plan. 
  • Right Now Media - Stillmeadow is giving to our congregation the gift of Right Now Media.  You can use this for study, devotions, and spiritual growth.
  • Spotify - Spotify is a free (you can pay to remove the ads) music listening service. Worship Ministries is making a playlist public that you can listen to the songs that we are going to using in our corporate worship services this next year. You can click the lists below to subscribe to them after you have an account.
  • Planning Center - We organize our worship ministries and communicate our worship teams through Planning Center. Check it out here: